Cooking vegetables in a healthy way

How to cook vegetables in a healthy way

Luna Cookware Sets are designed to help you cook both healthy and delicious meals.

Vegetables are highly moisturized and are supposed to be cooked without losing their nutritional values, essential minerals and vitamins.

When boiling vegetables in water its nutrients and minerals along with the contained moisture will diminish gradually. Rather than consuming vegetables as a bad source of fiber without minerals and vitamins, Luna Cookware products will help you cook vegetables in a healthier way with their own moisture, without adding any extra water.

Healthy cooking tips for vegetables

Put vegetables in a pot and after adding some oil, tomato paste and spices, place your pot on the stove. Turn the heat to the highest level. After about five minutes, the steam will start to come out of the pot. This indicates that your pot is getting hot enough. At this stage, turn down the heat to the lowest level. After cooking in this way for 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the type of the vegetable, turn the heat completely off and leave your food for flavor extraction.

Your food that has been cooked and extracted with its own steam and moisture, will be more healthy, colorful and have a better taste.

Enjoy your meal…