Enjoy your tea time with LUNA

Luna Turkish Teapot Set

May every cup of tea bring hope!

A cup of tea can mean so many different things to; a warm chat, a friendly conversation, and even some hope …

Sometimes a fine fragrance that reminds us of the things we are longing for… Sometimes a warm welcome that we forgot to appreciate…

Sometimes a close friend who cannot be replaced by anyone, a true friend we cannot live without.

It is reluctant somehow though; it requests care and grace. It does not release its flavor in every pot.

It requests a reliable partner to only which will be shared its secret which we refer to as its “flavor”.

That is why the tea that is infused with Luna Turkish Teapot Set will taste different.

With the Luna Teapot Set, every flavor you enjoy will bring you hope and happiness. Enjoy!

Luna Turkish Teapot Set

Luna Teapot Set provides you with a unique Turkish tea experience.

After you steeped your tea, just turn the heat down to the lowest level and leave the rest to Luna…

The special multilayer bottom distributes the heat in such a homogeneous way. that while the water is boiling, the released steam will rise up to the bottom of teapot on the top, providing optimal warmth to it, to enabling a perfect and slow infusion of your preferred tea.

Lid Safety Mechanism

Do not let falling lids ruin your joyful tea delight time!

One of the most important features of Luna Teapot Set is the safety mechanism of the lid. This special designed safety system prevents the teapot lid from falling off while pouring the tea.

Especially when the steeped tea inside the teapot is running out, the teapot will be tilted more and more. This could cause lids to fall off and result into some inconveniences.

With the help of this safety mechanism, the teapot lid is prevented to fall off and damage items like the glass or cup on your table and ruin your pleasant tea time.

The Ergonomic Spouts with Excellent Pouring Quality

The spouts of the pots of Luna Turkish teapot set have been designed exclusively. They have an excellent pouring quality. The ergonomic structure, that they have, prevents teapot from dripping and leaking down towards the bottom.

Spring Loaded Lid for Water Pot

When servicing tea the teapot is lifted from the water pot beneath, the spring lid closes automatically and prevents the steam from escaping the pot. As such, the self-closing lid not only prevents the steam from burning your hands when serving your tea but also prevents the boiled water to cool down.

LUNA wishes you a joyful and warm tea time…