LUNA PAN22 – 1.9L – 22×5


This 1.9 LT capacity and 5.0 cm height Luna cooking pan also enables cooking without adding any extra fats at low temperatures. You get the best cooking result as the heat condensing occurs and the nutritional values and the shape and color of the food are preserved.

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This cooking pan from Luna with a capacity of 1.9 LT and a height of 5cm is also made of 304 (18/10) stainless steel. The heat-condensing multi-layer bottom guarantees an ultimate and homogeneous heat distribution. This also makes it possible to cook at low temperatures without adding extra fat. This cooking method allows the food to be perfectly cooked in a faster way because the heat condensation takes place in a short time. The food cooks in a healthier way because it contains less toxic fats and retains more of its natural nutritional values. Therefore, the food will also be in better shape and color.


The main characteristics of Luna Cookware are:
a) Being manufactured from 304 (18/10) stainless steel
b) Thanks to the special polishing process that has been carried out, the surface of all Luna cookware sets is kept bacteria-free.
c) The heat-condensing multilayer induction bottom
d) Special dome-shaped lid with integrated ‘Steam Room’.
e) With the help of uniquely design joining mechanism between the pot and the handles, the pot handles do not overheat and will stay cool.

LUNA PAN22 - 1.9L - 22x5