LUNA PAN24 – 3.0L – 24×7


This 3LT capacity and 7 cm height Luna cooking pot is along with the heat-condensing multilayer bottom and the ‘Steam room’ in the lid your perfect partner to cook delicious meals such as different portions of delicious stuffed eggplants and rice with vegetables.

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If you are in need of an ideal pan for your next rice cooking experience, this cooking pot with 3 LT capacity and 7 cm height will definitely live up to your expectations. It is designed specifically for achieving induction stovetop rice, Thanks to the heat-condensing multi-layer bottom, the heat is transferred in a homogeneous and correct manner. This is vital for perfectly cooked rice. In addition, the steam chamber in the center of the pan lid retains steam and moisture while the rice cooks. This will definitely make your rice fluffy. So the Luna rice pot promises outstanding results on any recipe, from different portions of delicious stuffed eggplants to rice with vegetables.


The main characteristics of Luna Cookware are:
a) Being manufactured from 304 (18/10) stainless steel
b) Thanks to the special polishing process that has been carried out, the surface of all Luna cookware sets is kept bacteria-free.
c) The heat-condensing multilayer induction bottom
d) Special dome-shaped lid with integrated ‘Steam Room’.
e) With the help of uniquely design joining mechanism between the pot and the handles, the pot handles do not overheat and will stay cool.

LUNA PAN24 - 3.0L - 24x7