LUNA POT22 – 4.3L – 22×11.5


This Luna cooking pot has a 4.3 LT capacity, 11.5 height and Luna’s special designed ‘Steam Room’ lid. Thanks to the specially designed ‘Steam Chamber’ in the lid, the steam that comes from the natural moisture of the food collects in the dome space. It turns into droplets that then end up at the food itself. This way, your food is cooked in a healthier way under its own steam and water without loss of nutrients and minerals!

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This casserole has a 4.3 LT capacity and 11.5 cm height and like every other Luna pot it comes with an integrated ‘Steam Room’. In the Luna pot sets, the dome-shaped space in the middle of the pot’s lid has been designed as ‘the steam room’. The steam deriving from the moisture content the food naturally contain begins to rise. Since the dome-shaped highest point of the pot is the coolest space within the pot, this steam gathers thoroughly in the domed space and turns into drops. Followingly, they begin to drip onto the food again. In this manner, the Luna casserole pot ensures that your food is cooked in its own steam and water, moreover in a healthier way without losing any nutrients and minerals. That is precisely how we accomplish healthy food preparation at Luna!

LUNA POT22 - 4.3L - 22x11.5